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About the podcast

Are you responsible for putting together a world-class agenda for high-quality conferences and events? If so, you will get invaluable perspective from your talented peers who are working in the field.  Your host Tim Ash creates unfiltered half-hour guest interviews that will leave you crying with laughter, and learning! 

Find out more about:

    • Creating memorable experiences that are shared enthusiastically by attendees
    • How to make hybrid and online events effective
    • Qualities to look for in keynotes and presenters
    • Diversity and inclusion among your speakers and in your audience
    • The real role of big-name keynotes on the agenda
    • How to deal with last-minute schedule changes and missing speakers
    • The business model and how to charge for access
    • Dealing with speaker bureaus and negotiating keynote contracts
    • The balance between using well-known presenters and introducing new ones
    • Real-life speaker horror stories 
    • How to support presenters during the event
    • Session formats – keynotes, solo sessions, group panels, fireside chats, demos

and more!



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The Book


Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying How We Think And Why We Act retraces the arc of evolution to explain our behavior and subconscious drives. It is the operating system that all human beings share, and a wild ride into your own mind. Learn about memory, learning, risk taking, storytelling, gender differences, and our highly social natures.


Keynote Speaking


With over 200 appearances across four continents – Tim is a highly-rated international keynote speaker on a wide variety of evolutionary psychology and digital marketing topics.

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